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Need an Emergency Furnace Repair Service in Wasilla, AK?

Heating equipment can be complicated and when a component malfunctions, it impacts the system's ability to operate. Wasilla Furnace Repair technicians can help you resolve even the most difficult furnace problems.

These are the most common reasons to call Wasilla Furnace Repair for an emergency furnace repair:

  • The furnace won't start.
  • The pilot light is gone.
  • In the initial phase of operation and during startup, strange sounds are heard from the furnace.
  • The main burner will not light or remain lit for more than 3 seconds.
  • Once the burners have been ignited but the blower does not be able to start.
  • The furnace's blower is always on.

You wouldn't want to be without heat during the harsh Wasilla winters. But, you may not always have the right to decide the issue. Furnace malfunctions are often the result of aging products or other unforeseeable circumstances that make your home vulnerable to the dangers of dangerously low temperatures.

A Wasilla repair service for furnaces is a reliable choice to keep your family warm and your home secure. At Wasilla Furnace Repair We are a BBB accredited firm with more than 45 years of expertise. Therefore, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands with us.

Tired of dealing with an unresponsive furnace? Or, maybe your heating system is heating half the rooms in your home? If you require a new heating system installed or an existing unit repaired you can count on one name you need to remember: Wasilla Furnace Repair. Wasilla Furnace Repair has more than 60 years of experience in solving Wasilla's heating issues.

In Wasilla, AK the cold is waiting for nobody. It is essential to find an HVAC contractor that is reliable for furnace repairs all winter. At Wasilla Furnace Repair our team of experts treats every furnace repair with care and knows exactly what to do with every heating issue that might pop up this winter. From pilot light problems to a cracked heat exchanger, we won't allow any furnace issue to linger even when our clients' health and safety are in danger. If your heater is having problems and you're in need of furnace repairs call Wasilla Furnace Repair a call right away.

Furnace won't kick on? We've solved the problem for you. We've listed six major reasons furnaces don't work.

Do any of these issues or related symptoms mirror your furnace's issue?

  • There is no electricity to the furnace If the fan doesn't respond to a change in temperature, a breaker may be tripped, wiring may be faulty, or the furnace switch might be turned off. More complicated problems include trouble with the thermostat, transformer, control board, run capacitor or blower motor. Technicians can conduct a diagnostic test to pinpoint the problem and then come up with a solution.
  • Failing motor It is possible that you will be hearing squeaks and noises from a motor that is in danger of failing. In order to stop your furnace from burning you need immediately call an expert.
  • No ignition In furnaces equipped with spark ignitions, rapid clicking sounds suggest that the burner attempts to ignite. If it doesn't get ignited it could be due to a blocked flue, faulty control board, or an ineffective limit control. The parts are able to be repaired or replaced to solve the issue.
  • Main burner problems Burners that don't remain lit are usually caused due to dirty flame sensors or - in condensing furnaces--clogged condensate drains. The gas supply could be cut if the burners don't start at all. Our technicians will be able to repair this by cleaning the burners and making a few adjustments.
  • Issues with the motor or run capacitor These problems cause the blower to not turn on after the burners have ignited. Motor problems may need some troubleshooting. The capacitor is easily repaired.
  • Air filter clogged If the thermostat isn't changed to "on," which keeps the motor running continuously A blocked air filter could be the primary cause of a blower motor that is constantly running. Limit switch that detects the temperature of the furnace can be damaged due to the restricted airflow. A Wasilla Furnace Repair technician will not just replace the switch, they will also determine the cause. If a clogged filter is the cause the technician will instruct you how to replace your air filter.

This is a question we have all often. It probably prompts us to contact emergency heating services immediately. There are some possible solutions to this problem that you need to consider before you take action. Before you start looking for 24 hour furnace repair, you can try these suggestions:

  1. Check the thermostat. There are times when the thermostat controls can be pushed or pulled off by a family member. Check that the thermostat is properly set before you call for help with heating repairs.
  2. Check your air filter. A lack of air flow could make the furnace run in a poor way and eventually cause overheating (and a subsequent shutdown). This is the primary cause of this issue.
  3. Verify the pilot's condition when you're using gas. If a homeowner is searching for solutions to repair a gas furnace, the pilot should always be the first thing to look at. See that it is on and burning blue (orange is a sign of burning impurities) If it is not, attempt to reset it before you contact repair.

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