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Is your furnace broken or in need of repair? Click here for expert ac furnace services. We provide 24/7 furnace repair services to the Anniston, AL area.

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Are you looking for an Emergency Furnace Repair Service in Anniston, AL?

Have you noticed a strange temperature in your home? Do you hear groans or bangs coming from behind your walls, or do emanating from your ceiling? If you need a no-cost repair estimate, call Anniston Furnace Repair before you start worrying about whether you've been haunted by a ghost.

Our experts will evaluate your heating system and provide the best course of action to fix your furnace. Repairs to your heating system are completed by licensed technicians at affordable cost.

The Signs That You Need to Repair Your Furnace:

  • Unusual sounds - banging, clanging and hissing are all indicators that your furnace is having issues.
  • Foul Odors -- if you smell burning or sulfur smells coming from your furnace, call us immediately for repair because it could pose an ignition risk.
  • Insufficient or No Heat The absence of heat could be something as simple as a fuse that has burned out to a catastrophic failure which is why it must be addressed as soon as is possible.
If your furnace is showing any of these indicators of needing repair, or if it's just acting weird and you're worried about it, contact Anniston Furnace Repair and schedule a free furnace assessment. We'll get to the root of the problem.

If you have a malfunctioning furnace, it's a great idea to connect with professional furnace repair experts in Anniston, AL to diagnose the problems as quickly as you can. Repairs that aren't too costly can ensure that your family is warm during winter.

We're here to answer any questions you may have about why homeowners and business owners alike should rely on us for furnace repairs.

Call Anniston Furnace Repair today to set up an appointment if you're furnace isn't working properly.

Tired of dealing with a malfunctioning furnace? Maybe your heating system heats half of your home. Anniston Furnace Repair is the only name you need to know, no matter if you need a heating system installed or replaced. With more than six decades of experience in dealing with Anniston's heating issues, Anniston Furnace Repair has the experience and expertise to have any heating issue diagnosed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Anniston's cold is not patient. That's why it's crucial to be able to count on a trustworthy HVAC contractor on-hand for repairs to your furnace, all winter long. At Anniston Furnace Repair Our team at Anniston Furnace Repair treats every furnace repair with care and knows what to do with every heating issue that might occur this winter. We don't allow any furnace problem to go untreated regardless of whether it poses health and safety issues. Anniston Furnace Repair is available to help you when your furnace has issues and requires repair.

Our customers often ask us if they can repair their furnaces or if it is too expensive. But, not all issues require replacement, and knowing when to pull the trigger on this crucial service is a challenge for the average homeowner. We at Anniston Furnace Repair our staff will be there to help you and will always recommend what we believe to be the best solution for your requirements.

These are just some of the signs that your furnace may be in disarray and may require replacement:

  • You can't see any reason why your energy bills have increased so dramatically.
  • Certain rooms in your home are just too hot or cold for the rest of the house.
  • There is excessive humidity, which could lead to unpleasant odours and uncomfortable environments.
  • The cost of your furnace repair is a large part of the cost to replace your furnace completely.

It is risky to go through winter without heating. Your furnace is showing warning signs that something is wrong before it stops working altogether, and identifying this can aid in avoiding a complete malfunction or damage to the system. If you experience any of the symptoms above then it's time to call furnace repair professionals.

  • High energy bills: When your electricity bills dramatically increase, it is a sign that your furnace is not functioning at the same level as it could.
  • Problems with startup: If your furnace is tripping breakers or has difficulty starting, it may be a problem with your ignition system, combustion system, or blower fan.
  • Poor heating performance:If your experience with inconsistent temperatures and cool spots, or cold air coming from vents, clogged filters, duct blockage or combustion problems then it's worth calling to have it fixed.
  • Strange sounds:Grinding, Screeching, scraping or other odd noises can indicate significant mechanical problems. Thumping or banging could be due to ducts expanding, or, combustion issues. A worn out blower belt may be detected by a quick clicking or tapping.
  • Unusual odours: Musty or sour smells could indicate the growth of mold or a bacterial infection within the system. Odours that are dusty could be a sign of filthy air ducts.

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